Storing Wine

The cultivation of a good wine takes place in the vineyard and during the vinification process, but it does not end with filling it in the bottle.

Until you can enjoy the wine, it develops significantly in an optimal cellar climate.

Fluctuating and excessively high temperatures, too low humidity and taste imbalances influence the ripening of the wine negatively and can even ruin it.

The wine can only be bought inexpensively when it comes on the market at a young age or is purchased directly from the producer. The storage by the wine traders is expensive and good wines are sold out soon.

In the own cellar the conditions for proper wine storage are rarely met.

There are ideal storage conditions in the Stüssihofstatt and Puls5 Cellars:

A constant 14 degrees temperature, at least 60 % humidity, no odors and vibrations

You have access to your storage compartment at all times and also the certainty that your wine is optimally stored. We also offer inexpensive insurance against all relevant risks.